We walk the talk.

WTT supports small and medium-sized companies through all stages of their digital transformation.

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What we do.

In a multi-optional and rapidly evolving world, it can be a challenge to maintain an overview of the digital world. Our task is to support companies in shedding some light on any dark spots they might face.

WTT is your partner for questions around the digital future of your organization. We plan, and we implement. And we never lose sight of the big picture.

How we do it.

We are a team of digital natives with a wide range of specializations. We give smart advice and develop creative ideas. We find individual solutions and put them into practice.

In short, we accompany you through all phases of your digital transformation. We divide individual projects into the following three phases.
Setup In the setup phase, we aim to understand your organization’s status quo and inner workings. Further we identify challenges and opportunities, as well as targets and limitations.
Strategy In the strategy phase, we decide what we want to work on. We then craft a highly individual plan, taking into account your company’s individual situation.
Implementation The implementation phase is when all we’ve talked about comes to life. WTT combines various specializations and is capable to support with anything you require to put the words into action.

A good fit for you?

Well, let’s find out! Our holistic and flexible approach allows us to adapt to a large number of different situations and prerequisites.

Let’s meet for a virtual coffee, connect in a relaxed and confident environment, and see whether and how WTT can support your organization.